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Ofer Israeli

Ofer Israeli
Founder and CEO, Illusive Networks

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Between Die Hard and Defending the Industrial Ethernet

Posted by Ofer Israeli on Jan 25, 2016 9:41:00 AM

When Bruce Willis began his role as John McClane in the first Die Hard movie in 1988, Ethernet connectivity was only just finding its place in the world.

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Getting Back to the Real Meaning of “Advanced Persistent Threat”

Posted by Ofer Israeli on Dec 3, 2015 6:27:00 AM

Have you ever realized that some words completely lose their meaning because they’re so overused? In the cybersecurity world, “hack” is a word that seems completely benign now that terms like “life hack” and “dinner hack” have become so popular.

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Running the Numbers: What's the Actual Cost of a Data Breach?

Posted by Ofer Israeli on Nov 16, 2015 4:43:00 AM

Recently, it feels as if security breaches are running rampant throughout the business world – and it’s costing companies billions.

The Target debacle will end up costing over $1 billion, and Home Depot is expected to pay $10 billion over the next decade to compensate for the 56 million accounts that were hacked.

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